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Help end the era of polluting cars

Tell the EU to end the era of polluting cars!

Our health is at risk. Today's cars create an invisible but dangerous threat to millions of people — they’re the main emitter of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a damaging gas that causes respiratory issues like asthma, chronic lung disease and cancer and is believed to make citizens more vulnerable to pandemics like Covid-19. In cities like Paris and Brussels, approximately two-thirds of NO2 emissions are due to road traffic. Altogether, air pollution is responsible for over 400,000 premature deaths each year in Europe alone.

In addition, cars and vans together would be the third biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. In fact, emissions from all cars and vans in the EU27 are greater than the total emissions of the UK, making diesel and petrol vehicles one of the key contributors to the climate crisis.

The car industry continues to push their dirty vehicles to the public, with sales rising year after year.

Together we can put an end to this threat and protect our health and the climate.

Right now, the EU is considering whether polluting cars and vans should be sold in the future. Our leaders have the historic opportunity to choose between clean and healthy cities or poisonous environments for their citizens.

Take action to protect our health and the climate! Join us and ask EU leaders to end the sale of new diesel, petrol and gas cars, including all hybrids, by 2030 at the latest.

This is our once in a decade opportunity to efficiently tackle air pollution and climate change. Clean and sustainable cities will only be possible if together we can get politicians to make the right decisions for their citizens.

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